Friday, February 1, 2013

Prep Schools Can Get Your Kids Into College

If you want your kids to get into the best universities, you'd be wise to send them to topnotch prep schools. Some of these learning academies start as early as kindergarten, and work with their students to produce the highest educated cream of the crop. Sometimes just seeing a reputable school name on your child's entrance exam can earn them brownie points for getting into high caliber universities. There are many different programs to fit the tastes of a variety of students and their parents.

All Boys or All Girls

Some prep schools only admit males or females, the idea being that the boys will focus on their studies instead of the girls and vice versa. It's human nature for your son to be looking at the shapely sophomore sitting in front of him in algebra class rather than at the equations on the chalkboard. Girls will be giggling and flirting with the males in their class unless they only have females as classmates. With a school full of only one gender, dating and romance can be saved for after class.

Boarding Facilities

Some families opt to send their sons and daughters to boarding prep schools. These facilities prepare their students 24/7. Although math, writing, and science classes aren't going on around the clock, faculty members are available to guide their charges after hours and the student body can form a community of learners, day and night. Some parents say that this is a great way to get their kids ready for dorm life and living away from home. Of course, kids come home for holidays and weekends so get their fair share of family time.

Religious or Secular

Depending on a family's faith, they may choose prep schools that are founded by a church or temple. Religious training may or may not be part of the curriculum. There are learning academies housed in Lutheran, Catholic, Baptist, Jewish, and an assortment of other houses of worship. For some families, this injection of spirituality provides the moral component of a solid educational foundation. Secular facilities are also housed in churches. They may be tenants renting space from the church or the religious body may have decided to form a community school not based on any one religion.

Getting students ready for university life and providing a solid foundation for learning is the goal of most prep schools. If you want to give your son or daughter in edge in their academic life, you'd be wise to tour the academies in your area to see what each offers.

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